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Let the Earth Strengthen You

Moving into the colder months, many are worrying about how they will make it emotionally. They anticipate less social gatherings, less touch, less time outdoors, and more illness, and as the days get shorter, less sunlight. Some even are facing growing financial worries and some don't have enough food to eat. (1/3 of all families in the US are said to not have enough food to eat). While we are doing what we can to help others, we need to do what we can to strengthen ourselves (you know I'm going to say this and keep saying it).

I can see already in my clients and in some people I know, feeling more weightiness, heaviness, more worry and less joyfulness. Light is one of the natural elements from which we derive the most energy, but it is not the only one, so now while it is decreasing, let's turn to other natural elements to gather more strength for the coming months. So, while strengthening your most important elemental connections in less direct means, you be become more loving to yourself, remember to be more loving to all life, too. It's how we step more consciously step into the circle of life.

Giving love to the earth can help assuage feelings of loneliness. Giving love to those most important to us, those we pass on the streets, those in our communities, those suffering here and far away, that assuages our loneliness. And there's not anyone, anywhere, in any life form that can't benefit by more love!

Maybe this winter, you could, I could, start a practice of conscious doing one thing a day to let someone know they are loved. It will be something beyond what you are already doing. Do you have more time? Do more things...BE LOVE...well...I digress, so more on that later :-)

Do you know that the earth is healing? Do you know that some people have been healed profoundly by the earth? Warren Grossman, a local healer is one such person who came back from near death from a parasitic infection/invasion while traveling in Brazil a few decades back now.

Here are some great suggestions for feeling the power of the earth to help you grow stronger and feel more alive:

  1. Stand barefoot...I's one thing in the summer, but now?! You will find that while standing barefoot now, if you don't move, your feet actually get warmer than initially. Go for 10 minutes/day.

  2. While standing there, gaze on whatever living thing is in front of you...a tree is best. Just gaze and allow yourself to breathe in it's energy; quiet yourself inside, and listen. Whatever you hear or think, record it, then write it down. Take it as a message...and your connection will grow.

  3. Go for a hike or bike ride and focus on looking at the before the brighter ones are all gone! Let the colors of the earth nourish you.

  4. Rake up leaves into a pile and trust fall...over and over again! Laughing all the while!

  5. Get a blanket and sit on the ground; lay on the blanket. Try to see if you can feel yourself breathing with the earth...just for the fun of it, if nothing else!

  6. Touch the earth, the bushes, the leaves; hug the trees; listen to the rustle of the leaves; the running of the water; put your hands in the water...feel the aliveness of the earth with your whole being. What does that even mean? If you don't know, don't worry...keep exploring and you will.

  7. Sit by a waterfall for an hour to let the negative ions boost your energy.

Researchers have reported on the benefits of being in nature. These include: increasing immune functioning, emotional balance and happiness, the body's ability to fight off cancer cells, and boost energy, while decreasing depression. That's just for starters. I'll be writing on this more soon!


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