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Welcome to my new website!

I’m shifting and growing professionally (and personally (yay!)!

I’m here to inspire you &

help you radiate abundant aliveness,

more light and higher vibrational energy

to feel better…lighter…brighter…

more connected…confident…creative,

and resiliently empowered whether from your time with me here

or should you choose to have me bring this transformative energy to you!

This site provides the canvas for the expression of the large palette of color (not just psychology, or just energy psychology, also philosophy, social transformation, women’s empowerment & visionary leadership) from unified field theory, to empowered living, higher dimensional relationships, social transformation & evolution, traumatic growth from all forms of trauma, truth telling & freedom catalyzing.

What will alchemize in my awareness and yours from the intermixing of these levels and layers of information streaming in from Consciousness itself?

Can’t wait to see!


My Services:

In transitioning from a largely singular focus on individual and couples’ therapy to doing more writing, presenting, facilitating group healing and growth experiences and consulting with corporations, businesses and organizations I am fulfilling my own life long vision for my contributions in the world.

My Guided, Self-Healing Meditations:

I now have available, for the first time, Tapping into the Field (of Infinite Possibility) guided, self-healing and growth meditations. The areas covered include improving self-esteem & inner peace (relieving anxiety), increasing traumatic growth & creativity and navigating various times and moments of life. The charge for these is the master number 555 ($5.55) as it represents bringing spirit into the world to participate in the transformation of life.

If you have never participated in one of my meditations, you might want to get “Tapping into the Field Introductory Meditation.” It’s the meditation that introduces and takes you through the basic process. This would be especially true if you don’t have any experience with tapping at all.

The Blog:

Here’s where I’ll be posting on all things transformational and liberating! AND know that I will love dialoguing with you on the topics that stir your soul, heart and imagination!

The Membership Site:

I am soon publishing a tracking journal for catapulting into Optimized and Radiant Well-Being. We will be launching a kickstarter campaign, soon, so please keep your eye out for it and sign up to keep notified of its progress. I’m hoping that the book will be ready for order by early October of this year. More on its contents later! Membership will be for people who are using the journal to focus and empower themselves in their healing and growth journeys. There will be webinars to discuss ways to use it, improving health holistically, processing your experience, etc.


There are some AMAZING products and fantastic organizations out there to help us on our journeys. Ones that I personally use and recommend will be featured here. Disclosure: Some of the products and organizations I list are ones that I receive some remuneration for.

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