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Celebrating Women! IWD 2024

I knew, as soon as I sat down to write, that I wanted this post to be celebrations of women who are now, having risen and still rising, working tirelessly for love of the world and all her peoples, their freedom, their rights, and their future. In this day where trouble is rising up everywhere around us, it can be a real challenge to lift ourselves up above and beyond fear and the stresses of your own life; let yourself be inspired and uplifted as I have been writing this post!

Let’s Celebrate Elizabeth Francis at 114 Years Young

The first celebration is for Elizabeth Francis, the world’s 5th oldest living person at 114 and the US’s current oldest human being! This article on her in Essence magazine lists life habits that helped her to stay healthy for such a long time and is worth the reminder and also the moment to pay tribute to her and to good life habits.

I once began a project that I have let slip off to the side, called Happy, Healthy Hundred. Elizabeth’s longevity and capacity is surely testimonial to what is possible for us all with ever more likelihood.

Are you a late bloomer? Has it taken you too long in your life to find your voice, to learn to speak your truth and stand your ground? Well…know that you have the whole rest of your long (hopefully) life to come into and reflect the true beauty and power of your deepest and highest self.

Vandana Shiva - Supporting and Defending Small Farmers Around the World

My next celebrant is Vandana Shiva. I have been a fan of hers for a decade or more now and my admiration only grows. Navdanya International is her non-profit organization created to support and defend small farmers around the world.

Many have said that growing food will be the new revolution. The awareness, if not started by her, surely has been grown from a seed by her. I include her, it just occurred to me, as a way to support humans everywhere as farming and feeding the people is under grave attack. I add her, so that you might know of her, in support of the European farmer’s protests, the farmers, ranchers, animals and land being burned to nothing in Texas; all the fires throughout this country in food production facilities. Women know about the growth of life and the need for quality food to grow healthy beings. Vandana knows.

I wish I could sum up the vastness of her wisdom in a few sentences, but I cannot. She is a very articulate, informed, courageous and wise woman whose vision and work is towards humanity’s thriving. And that sentence tells you so little about the impact listening to her speak will have on you. So listen and be gifted!

From her site: “Through its Earth Democracy project, Navdanya International works to promote a new vision for a Planetary Citizenship, an alternative worldview, rooted in caring and compassion for the Earth and Society, where ecological responsibility and economic justice, based on the Law of Return, are central to creating a liveable future for humanity.”

Because of Vandana, I found The Center for Humans and Nature, outside of Chicago (so a bit closer than Tuscany!). If you are touched and moved by creativity, then this site will warm your heart and extend your hope and prayers for the world!

12 Female Activists Changing the World

And finally…here’s from a more trustworthy organization for information: The Global Citizen, whose bi-line is “Demand Equity.” 12 Female Activists You Didn’t Know Are Changing the World. Of the 12, eight are focused on aspects of women’s safety, education and freedom.

From the International Women’s Day organization website, comes this quote by Gloria Steinem: "The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights."

Go to their site for fantastic resources for you to get involved. It’s a very rich site full of great information and articles, like this one from one of their columnists in the Economist: Walking a thin line: why women’s voices are judged more harshly than men’s.

May You Be Blessed

On this day you be blessed and bless yourself; may you bless others in your life and your sphere with love today, with hope for a brighter day for humanity tomorrow, with courage and fortitude to stand up, TO RISE, for the well-being of all. May you bless and be blessed by the light shining for you in someone’s eyes, your eyes shining in love for another, perhaps for the whole world! May on this day the DNA of the world, it’s frequencies for health, aliveness and the thriving of all, be healed and increasingly activated. May you feel joy and may you laugh a laugh that reaches your toes!


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