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Therapy & Coaching


My ideal client: You are ready & committed to doing the challenging work to free yourself from what's been holding you back from optimal living. You are pro-active in your own well-being already.

You're likely quite successful in your life in various areas. If you are just fine tuning a few issues or are wanting deeper work this is a good place to do that.


Let's Work Together!


My coaching emphasis is on boosting radiant aliveness using a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach.

Clients learn the tools to help them live with more emotional intelligence & resilience; they receive guidance for their self-healing journey and help with releasing the more difficult painful elements from the past.

I employ these essential modalities for optimizing emotional functioning in my teaching, facilitating, and guiding:
Modalities I include in my Coaching

Holly Timberlake | Mind Body Soul Spirit


The training I offer is now focused on helping practitioners to help others more effectively with Energy Psychology methods and to help them also increase their own resilience as fortitude for the hard work of helping others heal emotionally.

How I Can Help with Training Your Organization

Groups, Workshops & Retreats

Radiant Hearts Circle / Choosing Peace, Love, Resilience & Courage

I've been offering weekly groups for many years. It seemed especially important to host group work during the pandemic as we all experienced disconnection from our aspects of regular living. Through this time I've amassed more than 100 recorded sessions. We are now in the process of turning them into a package that people can purchase to learn, use and have guidance for in doing their own self-directed healing and growth. Through a combination of grounding & balancing exercises, tapping and guided meditation, participants release stress, pain, negative beliefs and energy and come back into greater inner coherence, flow and peace.


Catapulting into Radiant Aliveness Retreats

I have offered in-person retreats periodically for quite a number of years. I love doing them and experiencing the warmth of open-hearted community life that they offer to everyone. I will be offering mini-retreats beginning again the fall of 2022.
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