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Modalities I include in my Coaching

Interweaving elements of Energy Psychology methods, EMDR, Integral Psychology, Gestalt, somatic therapy, feminist and diversity informed therapy, Polyvagal Theory (and the Safe & Sound Protocol developed by Stephen Porges, Ph.D), holistic health, the Gut and Psychology Theory, spiritual and shamanic orientations to healing, to name the most figural methods I've gathered together.

  • teaching emotional first aid and emotional resilience techniques and tools to better navigate crisis, help alleviate anxiety and to facilitate greater emotional intelligence and higher emotional functioning

  • facilitating a shifting from blame to empathy, from emotional reactivity to emotional responsiveness

  • releasing the effects of the past, freeing up our ability to be more conscious, to live more mindfully, or heartfully (as I prefer)

  • transforming beliefs from ones that sabotage well-being to ones that enhance well-being

  • improving communication, relational life and healthy regard for self and others

  • improving brain health, supported by metabolically appropriate and healthy diet, addressing of common genetic mutations, such as food intolerances, methylation issues (ex: MTHFR) and healthy, naturally supported neuro-chemical functioning

  • increasing the capacity for conscious living: mindfulness, meditation, contemplation, sense of purpose and connection, being a part of something larger than oneself

  • eliminating or reducing anxiety and depression and the effects of trauma, abuse and emotional neglect

  • unleashing inherent creativity


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