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It's Never Too Late For New Beginnings

Be willing to be a beginner every morning.” —Meister Eckhart

Let today mark another new beginning; this one a beginning of one of the main reasons I changed my website of almost 20 years from to I found myself constricted there, wanting to write about more than what would comfortably fit into the context of Nakaia Healing Arts. With, I feel freer to include more of the cords of what I experience as interweaving elements in a grand wholeness of reality and living, and what I wish to express and to gift in writing to those who find me, those who resonate with the prism of light through which I experience reality.

I am committing to sharing with you psychological wisdom and insight gathered from living the life I have created, both personally and as a depth psychologist and trauma therapist with an eye to transformation/ascension/authenticity and integrated wholeness. My intention is to offer perspectives, deep awarenesses, information that you might find helpful as you navigate your own paths in life, whether it be dealing with anxiety or improving the quality of your relationships and relating. I’ll be using my own experience, learnings from my clients, the studying and contemplation of such topics as power, programming, sense of identity, self & belonging, and the relationship of ego and higher self in a healthy person, higher love and relationships; brain science and what it is telling us about how we are wired/programmed and capable of transformation; individual, community and collective levels of trauma and healing, the emotional and energetic origination of physical dis-ease, and more. I will bring into this basket of interrelated elements; knowledge about organic living and eating, about natural/holistic healing, about energy (ours and the cosmos’s), about metaphysics and unified field science and deep mysteries of life and, again, more. All in ways that will be, I hope, digestible, exciting and inspiring.

Higher Dimensional Psychological Transitioning

I see this second thread as focused, in part, on helping people psychologically traverse the expanse from a reality experience based on the physical, 3D (dimensional) world, with its attendant beliefs and paradigms, to 4D or 5D reality, in which expanded and higher dimensional experiences are happening all the time, yet we barely have the band width to notice their presence and effect. Our bodies, though, are transducers, like radio towers, both receiving and radiating energy & I unequivocally believe that spiritual growth, emotional healing and increasing the information (light) we can receive and radiate are all the same thing, that we cannot grow spiritually without healing emotionally and that these together cause growth in our body’s capacity to receive and transmit light/love/information from the field, causing transformational change and evolution.

Many people will scoff at all of this, at reports of being in communication with other & extra dimensional beings, or that we, ourselves, are in higher dimensional relationships with others we love, are drawn to, and perhaps even experience aversion (even now without conscious awareness), that energy forms can attach themselves to us (entities) and drain us of our own life force energy, and divine beings (angels, spirt guides, etc.), accompany us continually, or that those who have passed beyond can communicate with us. I’m used to this now, though, for years hid much of my knowledge about all of this away for fear of judgment and ridicule. Yet millions of people have experienced such things and many of those do so regularly; the statistics are surprising. Something more is happening here. And I am ready to speak up.

Evolving or Devolving or Perhaps Something Else Altogether?

Are we ascending as many spiritual types believe and as the increasing and often spiking Schumann Frequencies of the earth suggest (and what does all of that mean, anyway?) or evolving, or as some believe, devolving and bringing the earth and all her life to ruin? Mighty questions these, and yet we, as humanity, find ourselves at a time when they must be asked.

People scattered everywhere around the globe are writing and speaking of our genetic codes changing, of humans transforming, what some believe is into what we were originally “meant” to be…powerful beings living from an internal infrastructure built on the giving and receiving of unconditional love. We can’t be sure exactly what’s happening, which is anxiety producing (experts are already talking about climate anxiety) and crazy-making, in and of itself, but we all know that the earth and all our relatives need our loving attention & that climate issues have reached a dramatic and unavoidable level of activation. This one influence alone is causing a complete overhaul of the very structure of human life, individually and collectively (especially in the northern hemisphere). I do not know though, what is real, for reality is far more vast than our bodies and brains are capable of registering. But regardless of the debates on reality and the direction of change, something is definitely afoot, times are a-changin’, and I want to help people find their ways through this tumultuous and yet possibly, unprecedentedly auspicious time.

The Imperfection of my Follow-Through

Those of you who have been following me for a long time know I’ve never been consistent in this intention to write and in fact have been doing very little of it for quite some time now. Yet, when I was 3, I gave my mother a story I had written one day, as she stood at the sink. She paused, looked at what I had written and asked me to instead read it to her. My reply? “Don’t know you know I’m a writer, not a reader!” Funny, that reversal, for I have spent far, far more of my life reading than writing! But I knew then I was meant to be a writer and it seems to me that I have, perhaps finally, and certainly, hopefully, finally, reached a point in my life where I am ready to be about this divinely inspired work.

God time for a segue: one of my first posts concerns procrastination (soon to be published here). I’ve thought about what contributes to procrastination and why it can be so challenging to turn it around… and, no, it’s not about being lazy. I can’t tell you how many clients feel plagued by the effects of procrastination and the general inability to accomplish tasks, intentions & goals, to motivate themselves for not just accomplishments, but also for joyful experiencing of life. It has been suggested that procrastination is connected to childhood trauma and neglect. I couldn’t agree more. Look for my piece on why procrastination is so much more than we think, and definitely not a character flaw or a weakness about which to berate ourselves. Tips for turning this around and it’s relevance to the larger picture will be there, too.

And so I begin, again, having been studying, practicing, and preparing for writing all of this my whole life.…and I hope that what emerges feeds your hearts and souls, and, yes, minds too, in healing and expansive ways.

Questions? Please ask! Comments? Please share!

The brightest of blessings on us all!



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