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Harnessing the Power of Solstice Energy

Harnessing the Power of Solstice Energy

As spring blossoms into its beautiful warmer months, we turn our gaze toward the upcoming Summer Solstice, searching for ways to harness the power of the sun’s bountiful energy during this time. I’d like to share with you some inspiration I draw upon, during one of the year’s peak energy seasons, as we focus on bringing our vibrations into alignment with Mother Earth and the cosmos beyond.

What is the Solstice?

Stonehenge Sunrise during the Summer Solstice

As earth traverses its journey around the sun, we experience two solstices throughout the year—one in December and another in June. Each solstice marks the point at which the earth’s poles point most directly toward or away from the sun. In the summer, the north pole points directly at the sun while the south pole points exactly opposite. In the winter, these are reversed. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, our Summer Solstice, which typically falls around June 20th, marks the longest day and the shortest night of the entire year. Even under a shroud of clouds, we are bathed in the sun’s energy more on this day than any other day of the year.

One beautiful aspect about solstices is that each hemisphere experiences the literal polar opposite of the other. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is mirrored by winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The opposite experience is always happening in the other hemisphere as Mother Earth carries the polar energies of all seasons at any given moment. Just as we carry the same within us, at all times.

What Makes Solstice Energy So Powerful?

The Power of Solstice Energy

As we become more aware of how our well-being is connect to the earth’s well-being, we recognize that we share frequencies that, when brought into alignment, promote our well-being. Many cultures have celebrated this for millennia. We are just rediscovering it today. Some of the most progressive thinkers and scientists today recognize that being in tune with these energies does, in fact, promote the expansion of consciousness on this planet.

We observe the push and pull of the moon’s energy throughout the day, as she draws the ocean waters close. We celebrate her rebirth every month as we watch her grow from darkness to a radiant full orb in the sky. Her beauty is not diminished by the fact that she mirrors the light of the sun. In fact, a full moon is a celebration of the radiance that surrounds us. As we make our way around the sun, we rejoice in its life-giving energy that inspires our earth to blossom and bear fruit. During the solstice, we celebrate the abundance of this radiant energy, whether it is in full bloom, as it is during the Summer Solstice, or ripe with promise, as during the Winter Solstice.

Harnessing the Power of the Summer Solstice

Living with more awareness of the energies surrounding us supports our well-being and expansion. Participating in times of celebration, as our ancestors have done for millennia upon millennia, helps us access this rich experiential history. During the Summer Solstice, the sun is at peak power, and as inhabitants of our solar system’s only populated planet, so are we. It is a time of inspiration, invigoration, and abundance.

One of the best ways of harnessing the power of the Summer Solstice is to simply bask in the radiance of the sun’s energy. Pause for an outdoors meditation at high noon (or 1PM if you’re in a region that observes Daylight Savings Time), breathing in the sun’s vibrance and feeling its vitality course through your veins. Surround yourself with crystals that soak up the sun’s energy—citrine, sunstone, garnet, tiger’s eye, and carnelian. You can charge these during the solstice and place them throughout your home to celebrate the sun’s life-giving energy throughout the year.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful and energizing ways to harness the power of the Summer Solstice is to gather together in celebration with other people. Delight in our journey around the sun, in the way the earth is brought to life as it turns toward the sun—the way we, too, grow and thrive as we lean into this life-giving energy. Coming together for this kind of experience is powerful, partly because of something called co-regulation. As one person is or comes into radiance of peace and love, the nervous systems of others begin to come into that higher vibrational space, too. As a group experiences it together, we can create an expansive field that benefits everyone.

How Will You Harness this Solstice Energy?

After the rest of winter, the deep restoring of our well of life energy, and the rising energy of the spring, bursting through with color and vibrancy of what we'd given birth to before, we arrive at the Summer Solstice. We have reached a fullness of energy and now can put that energy into growth.

What is it you are growing within yourself this summer season? What is it you want to harvest? What could be your intention for yourself to feel, have and/or do before the harvest? Maybe it's basking in the summer energies, maybe building something new for your own pleasure and delight, maybe something creative, or focused on your health.

Whatever you choose, know that you can bring more of yourself to this growth and creation because of your conscious intention now when the sun is radiating all the fullness of its light. This great Cancer energy is shining on you, sharing with you expanded awareness and higher vibrational energies. Gifts of huge import in your life!


Are you ready for deep so(u)lstice time to celebrate the changes in the world, in its energy? Being in alignment creates clarity and direction during shifts of energy and marking of time. Join us for our reConnection So(u)lstice reTreat on June 19th as we discover during this live online event how tapping into this solstice energy can help us ground, reflect, and connect with kindred hearts and souls.

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