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Practice the Sacred Pause: Refresh & Restore Your Whole Being

The Sacred Pause: Cupped hands framing dandelion in front of setting sun as it sinks into the ocean.

Imagine yourself preparing a beautiful and quiet space for you to take a pause, to refresh and restore your whole being. Body, heart, mind, and energy. As you begin to gather what you will bring into this sacred pause—a candle, some essential oils, a cup of tea, a warm blanket, a comfy chair, music that soothes your heart—can you feel yourself already beginning to breathe more slowly and deeply? Can you feel yourself already beginning to go inside and rest?

What is the Sacred Pause?

Life is supported by the smooth sine wave of action and inaction, or activity and rest. Living as unconsciously as our society has lived for such a long while, many of us appreciated the Covid pause. Many people woke up to changes they wanted to make in their post-pandemic life. Many of us realized that we need more rest than what we’re used to at night.

We've been enslaved to the trance of "awake" time being for work, action, getting things done, being productive. We often initially come to times of rest with disdain for not being productive, with a discomfort of doing no-thing.

We need to learn how to restore balance and allow ourselves to simply be as a regular part of our routine.

In every moment we can create sacredness. Consciousness and sacredness are closely aligned. The more conscious we become, the more we dip into the sacredness of life, our relations, our selves, and our bodies.

The Transformative Power of Sacred Pauses

I’m ready to build more sacred pauses into my life. I'm well versed in the ability to set all my own "stuff" aside to be truly and deeply present with someone else. I meditate, journal, dance, sing, create art—I have many ways that I pause from an external focus. The notion of a sacred pause is growing within me. How can I create them each day?

Every morning I step outside to greet the new day and feel the life energy of each sunrise.

Allowing my unfocused gaze to linger enjoying the warmth of a fire.

Setting my pace on my walk to see and feel the power of the river.

Find wonder in the delicate green in an emerging leaf.

Breathe in the exquisite beauty of a blossoming flower.

In the spaces carefully created between client sessions.

My touchstones help me do this, especially now that I’m more in touch with the power of the pause. It's built into labyrinth, yoga, breath, heartbeats. We know it in that moment just before our intuition dawns a light with new understanding.

A sacred pause creates space for something new to happen, to emerge, to be known, felt, sensed, opened to, created. These pauses, I suspect, help us grow more than we know.

Building Sacred Pauses into Your Daily Life

The Sacred Pause: Cherry blossoms set against a blue sky

For many of you, spring break is happening right now. What a good time, in this season of renewal, rebirth, and restoration to add in more sacred pausing. We are in the middle of Passover; Sunday was the full moon after the Equinox and Palm Sunday. This time of springing up from under the ground, the return of the sun, has been sacred to our people for generations. Let us feel the power and energy of Spring by planting seeds of sacred pauses.

What might adding sacred pauses bring into your awareness and experience of life? Can you be with the discomfort of the pause? Can you tap your way into more comfort, to open and expand the tightness you might feel to allow the power of the pause in your life?

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Radiantly yours,



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