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Expanding Friendship

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I've got a poem to share with you this week that makes my heart smile as I think of each of you.

Expanding Friendship

Money and real estate occupy the body,

but all the heart wants is expanding friendship.

A rose garden without a friend is indeed a prison;

A prison with a friend becomes a rose garden.

If the pleasure of friendship did not exist,

neither men nor women would be here.

A thorn from a friend's garden is worth more

than a thousand cypresses and lilies.

Love sowed us securely together.

We owe nothing to the needle and thread.

If the house of the world is dark,

Love will find a way to create windows.

If the world is full of arrows and swords,

the Armorer of Love has made us coats of mail.

Love itself describes its own perfection.

Be speechless and listen.

Author: Divani Shamsi Tabrizi 1926

Translated by Kabir Helminski & Ahmad Rezwani

If you are interested in joining our Radiant Hearts Circle this Tuesday, please use this link to pay, or you may prepay using whichever payment method you are used to. The zoom link for the evening's meeting will be emailed once you've registered.

If you haven't joined our circle in awhile, I'd love to have you come and visit. I've got a new membership plan that makes regular attendance easy. Check out the Radiant Hearts Circle to learn more.


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