Radiant Hearts


Do you want to:

  • gain more autonomy over your energy?

  • Release your unhealed past?

  • begin to live with more joy?

  • Feel strong when the unexpected happens?

  • Trust yourself and your inner compass?

  • be at home in your mind, body & heart?

  • Experience a new level of energy?

  • Feel more empowered, courageous, & vibrant?

  • Discover new strengths, superpowers, intuitive capacity?



The Radiant Hearts Circle is designed to help you take charge of your growth by offering integrated practices that holistically activate your transformations. 

Now, more than ever, we all want to feel our best. You can be in charge of how you feel.

Even in the midst of such social turmoil and evolutionary chaos, I believe we can build a world based on higher vibrations qualities. To build a world based on harmony, love, peace, creativity & freedom, we must be those qualities. 


Like you, I also envision world that lives by the prosocial experiences of truth, equality, respect, and justice for all.

Well-being is about eating well, exercising, and meditating, and often that doesn't seem like enough. I found a long time ago that energy was the missing ingredient. Once I looked at my life through the lens of energy, I was able to put all the pieces together to feel radiant, alive, and heart-driven. 

I have pursued holistic and organic living since my college days, WAY before it was hip, when people still used the phrase “health nut.” As a therapist, my orientation has always been holistic. I've encouraged clients to consider alternatives to medications and look at food, breath and energy as medicine for the body.

**My coaching programs are designed to help you put together a weekly practice for self growth and emotional healing designed to boost your experience of overall well-being & aliveness. This is not just about having more energy, it’s about being more focused, balanced and centered, about becoming more intentional and conscious about what you choose to think, feel and do. It leads to greater inner peace, more transparent and enriching connections, more aliveness, creativity and sense of purpose, and more joy.

Designed to help motivate you, offer accountability, help set intentions for changes you want to make. The programs are a combination of Energy Psychology/Medicine, somatic work, yoga, meditation, etc. incorporating strategic planning and personal self-reflection to coordinate your efforts towards greater success in a community of people all likewise engaged.

The challenging dynamics of these times in terms of political turmoil, societal change, global climate upheaval are only escalating. And yet, we are living in a time when we are becoming increasingly conscious of our actions and the effects of our actions, a time when it has become clearer that we need to take responsibility for our actions, our thoughts, 

One of the most powerful quotes I’ve seen in a long while is this (with my own tweaking):  “the degree to which we don’t do our own deep work is the degree to which we become work for others,” or more easily seen: “the degree to which others don’t do their work, becomes work for us.” There is no dearth of examples of this in our personal, as well as in public figures’ lives!

This practice helps you to do your own work, guided & supported by a therapeutically trained coach, to feel safe going inside (where most of us were programmed to both hide in and from) so you can build levels of personal strength and ability to access the energies of the Universe that has evaded you. To learn that we can feel safe within the deep recesses of our locked closets of pain, is one of the most freeing and empowering experiences we can have. 

This gives us the power to bring forth the world we want to see we need to improve our capacity to respond to life and to challenges without emotional reactivity, without knee jerk, triggered reactions from past traumas. It is such good news that we now know how to help people transform from unconscious, reactive creatures to self-aware, choice-filled, prosocial beings connected to the Whole. 

And we don’t need to take our whole lives to do it! 

Join me and experience for yourself how this process can help you transform your life.

Where do you want to be in a year? How do you want to be living inside yourself this time next year? How good is your relationship with yourself now? Do you support yourself, soothe yourself when disappointed, help yourself with kindness through challenges and difficulties, trust that you are on your path, so do not need to be critical with yourself? What is it you want to clarify for yourself, to develop, to manifest? 

This practice will help you get there. Join the Circle and activate your Radiant Heart now!

Join us for these amazing benefits:

Radiant Hearts 1: Growth Path

  • Weekly energy healing Circles (recorded for anytime viewing) and bonuses

  • Radiant Hearts Touchstone Guide - a supportive tool for clarity & well-being

  • Membership to my prerecorded online resource library of meditations and energy tools

  • First access to special offers and events

Radiant Hearts 2: Transformation Path

  • Monthly 90-minute live group coaching session to support your self-healing (begins in April 2021)

  • Quarterly workshops to reflect and connect (First workshop is June 19, 2021)

  • Everything in Radiant Hearts 1

Radiant Hearts 3: Visionary Path

  • Monthly 90-minute one-on-one coaching session with me 

  • Everything in Radiant Hearts 1 and 2