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Originally posted by TODAYSTAPPING on SEPTEMBER 29, 2010

As you know by now, I have a tremendous passion for radiant, vibrant living. We can only achieve these levels of energy and positivity through a holistic integration of healthy practices from a number of different areas.

Most everyone now knows these major elements of good health: eating real, not processed foods (whole flours, fresh vegetables and fruits, good quality protein), getting sufficient weight bearing and aerobic exercise, nurturing healthy relationships, having a religious or spiritual focus, getting plenty of sleep, and contributing successfully to the world in ways meaningful and fulfilling.

Here are 14 important second-level aspects of optimal living:

1) learning to be in the present, not consumed by thoughts of the past of future

2) maintaining an attitude of gratitude

3) learning to release “negative” emotions and beliefs and stress from the past and as they emerge (EFT, EMDR, Energy-based therapies are the most effective)

4) eating, dressing, building as organically as possible (reducing exposure to multiple carcinogens and endocrine disruptors as possible)

5) if a meat eater, eating grass fed meat (beef and lamb), vegetarian fed chickens

6) drinking raw milk, whether cow or goat

7) eating right for your metabolic, blood, or nutritional type (all ways of distinguishing the amount of complex carbs and protein that is optimal for your body); esp. if you are vegan checking with a healthcare provider to make sure that you are not starving your body.

8) eating more foods that are low on the glycemic index, and decreasing the number of times you eat sugar on an empty stomach (there is a strong correlation between the number of times insulin spikes and aging!)

9) checking to make sure there aren’t any major food allergies that might be contributing to decreased energy, weight gain, disorganized thinking, depression and anxiety, addictive and compulsive behavior)

10) getting sufficient amounts of natural sunshine (and D3 supplementation, unless you are always out in a place where it’s most always sunny)

11) living in a healthy environment (healthy air, water, natural spaces without the outgassing of chemicals used in plastics and wood composites)

12) boosting energy, immunity, and mood with supplementation, magnetics

13) developing a meditation practice for inner awareness, spiritual connection and creating a feeling of inner peace (could be sitting, walking, dancing, etc.)

14) developing creative expression and having FUN!

This is a prescription for creating a meaningful, well-lived life of radiance, vibrancy and joy! Step by step you can gradually shift your life to one characterized by the above and rather than feeling deprived of your “vices”, you will begin to feel such increased energy and sense of well-being that you will not be lured back to unconscious living.


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