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My Interview with Life Coach Path's Brandon Baker, November 2, 2020.

Brandon was curious to learn more about tapping and an energetic approach to therapy. We discuss why it works so well, why I am beginning to morph into more of a coaching format for my work, and what have been my greatest challenges as a therapist. Brandon's questions and comments were thoughtful, insightful and provocative.

It is episode #88 of his Coach's Circle Podcast. Enjoy!

The Coach's Circle Podcast is brought to you by Life Coach Path, an online resource for learning more about becoming a life coach. To find out more information on various coaching techniques, advice for budding coaches, and a complete guide to getting certified, visit their website by clicking this link.

the link takes you to the audio file for our interview, and from there you can navigate through the Life Coach Path site. This would be interesting for anyone considering a career as a coach.

All the best!


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