Increasing Inner Freedom

Originally posted on TodaysTapping on APRIL 29, 2010

May you open to the truth of your being: that you are Source, deep within you, perhaps buried under layers of fears, and blocks, and negativity, or heaviness, is your own Light. It is your spirit emanating from Oneness—however you conceive of it. Knowing this as your truth transforms your life. May you live your life as a brilliant, dazzling ray of Oneness, that like a fountain, showers droplets of Light everywhere and magnetically is drawn to and draws to it more Light.

Because so much of our energy goes into blocking our awareness from things that are upsetting, triggering, new and novel, etc. we have little idea of how little we know about how free and joyous we can be. We have little idea of how open we can be to the field of possibilities. So often, we hear something about The Secret, or about any other media piece or presentation about manifesting our reality, and we dismiss it out of hand, or perhaps, watch, listening more for ways to criticize than to open to the possibilities that are being suggested.

Do you really believe that the people who are presenting this material are only doing so because they have found a way to prey on people’s feeling of discontent? If you do, then this material is probably not going to be for you, but if you see that there’s something not quite right about that perception, and if you continue exploring this, then you must begin to see that the source of the “problem” is within us, not the messengers.

Do they get some things wrong? Yes. Do some of these people act with an insufficient level of integrity? Yes, (but then so do we, often!). Does the way they present the information not work for you? Could be…

But you might want to check to see if it’s not your own defensive structure that is persuading you to turn away from truths that can transform your life in ways you have yearned of and dreamed about and been striving to achieve forever.

The vast majority of us live within and are controlled by the limiting trances of our defensive structures. I don’t know about you, but as I glimmer the possibilities, begin to comprehend how I have created my own limitations—just as everyone else necessarily has, and have been intuiting ways to move through these self-created constrictions, my motivation for making change increases dramatically. And while I can’t say exactly what it is going to feel like as I continue to live a more Light-filled life, I do know that it will be characterized by more joy, more trust and openness, a better attuned intuition for the right moments, the right moves, a greater sense of personal freedom and personal responsiveness, better relationships, a financial easiness, if you will, abundance showering like the prisms of color from a crystal catching the light of the sun!

And it all comes from within, not without! Fascinating, don’t you think?!

So try watching some of these documentaries again, this time with an ear to what you can glean from it. A great tip for getting more out of these experiences is to tap your way through them. You don’t need to be thinking about what you are tapping on or repeating any phrasing. Just know that by tapping through the film you are assisting yourself to move through any objections your fears and defensiveness throw up from the subterranean levels of your being. It will make a significant difference. I promise!

Wishing you the joy of a Light-filled life!


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