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Originally posted on TodaysTapping on NOVEMBER 22, 2010

How Expansive is Your Awareness?

We have NO IDEA how much we miss that which is everywhere, all around us, because our awareness is stifled, blanketed, captured and more by our unconscious, unhealed energies in the forms of negative and limiting beliefs, fears and apprehensions, constrictions, traumatic (still upsetting memories). But I know this much: that the amount of the potential that flows around and through us at every moment is stunningly, almost unbelievably huge. In fact, I believe it is infinite!

I’ve mentioned so many times that unhealed events from earlier in our lives blanket or trap our natural aliveness, vitality and access to pure potential. But it just occurs to me that I have not shared much about what I mean by this. I have not given you a sufficient window into this wisdom and knowing.

When upsetting things happen to us our brains do not process them in the same way as non-traumatic events. Actually our brains do not completely process these events. What appears to happen is that information coming into the brain, if it has much level of upsetness about it at all, doesn’t get completely processed by the brain. This theory is referred to as incomplete processing. Structures in the lymbic part of the brain (the area responsible for the semi-autonomic functions of sleep cycles, appetite, nervous system states, fight or flight, and more) block the processing of this information. The hippocampus seems to block the elements of an event (from our senses, so the visual, auditory, kinesthetic information) from moving into the prefrontal cortex. It is in the prefrontal cortex where information we have learned is stored and then accessible for choice and decision making as we navigate through our lives.

You will know this experience in these ways:

1) when you think of an event from the past that is still troubling you, you will have the feeling of it just happening “yesterday.”

2) we keep repeating the same patterns and wonder why we don’t learn the lessons we are “supposed” to learn.

Both of these common psychological experiences/dynamics point to unhealed trauma or upset from the past.

When you have truly healed the elements of the past, they do not reappear as issues. AND we can release so much of what we have come to feel is just the way we are. So often I hear people say, “that’s just the way I am.” They have no idea that what they consider to be essential parts of themselves are the unhealed effects from the past–that can be changed, reversed, and released. The more we do this, the more expansive our awareness becomes, the more we are open to the possibilities in the moment, the more able we are to connect with others, and live authentically in all the moments of our lives!

May this information help you or those you love in significant ways!


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