The Resilient Therapist & 
Radiant Heart Coach

Helping You Navigate These Tumultuous Times with Resilience, Aliveness & Balance


Power Up! Eyes & Heart Open, Spirit Ready!

Let's usher in a world of health, justice, love, and abundant possibility for all, like never before by being able to be more of our true selves.

Join me in the new Radiant Heart Circle! This membership groups is here to expand your resilience, help you improve your health, and support your empowerment journey.

Hi there,

I'm Holly and I love encouraging others to claim more of their personal sovereignty. As a therapist, I've created some great tools for helping you gain personal clarity. Growth and healing always comes after an awareness exercise.

My heart's desire is to help raise the level of consciousness in the world, and that starts right here with me, and you.

All my work is informed by philosophy (nature of reality & human well-being), integrative well-being practices, unity in diversity work, feminist, partnership-based social structuring (earlier in my career), and by the gifts garnered from over three decades of permission by clients to dive deep into the beauty of the human heart.


My mission is to help you blossom yourself into a more vibrant, energized and radiantly alive you! It happens as you are able to free yourself/others from the viruses of fear, victim, shame, trauma & injustice. 


Let's create a world in which all beings flourish.

Join me in my weekly online experience that teaches you energy psychology tools, and I lead guided meditations, journeys, and heart centered exercises: Radiant Hearts Circle. Tuesdays at 6:30 pm ET / 5:30 CT / 4:30 MT / 3:30 PT

Here's to YOUR Radiance,



Do you want to do your own personal work?

Or boost your professional work & your self care

  for the front lines of the emotional pandemic?

I am available for: 

Sharing Tools for the Healing Journey

FREA: Finding Recovery and Empowerment from Abuse is a non-profit volunteer organization. Our mission is to support, educate and empower people to heal themselves from the effects of sexual abuse.

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