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Coaching & Therapy for Transformational Living

Helping You Thrive in These Tumultuous Times
with Love, Resilience, Joy & Wisdom

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Power Up! Eyes & Heart Open, Spirit Ready!

We are ushering in a new world. It's a time of unknowns and uncertainties in the world, in addition to whatever healing we are needing from our pasts. The combination can feel overwhelming, but consider it as an elixir for transformation, for the creation of something new and glorious from the ashes of the past and what has been. To me, it is characterized by an expansion into greater health, justice, love, and abundant possibility for all.

My heart's desire is to help raise the level of consciousness in the world, and that starts right here with me, and you.

Anxiety, fear, negative beliefs, and patterns all mute the vibrancy of life. They constrict us in ways that interfere with our inner peace, our relationships, our possibilities, and our intentions. Mostly, these disruptors to our well-being come from experiences in our past that created emotional wounding, shadow, trauma (whatever you want to call it). My process helps you increase your well-being, freeing up your energy for living more fully in the present. It is informed by Energy Psychology, EMDR, a life-long focus on transforming the world through equality, justice and love, and by the wisdom gained from over 3 decades of helping people who have trusted me with their hearts, their fears, and their hopes.


My mission is to participate in the evolution of this world by helping you blossom into a more vibrant, energized and radiantly alive you! It happens as you are able to free yourself/others from the viruses of fear, victim, shame, trauma & injustice. 


Let's create a world in which all beings flourish. Let's start working together. Sign up

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Here's to YOUR Radiance,

- Dr. Holly

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