Catapult into Optimized and Radiant Aliveness:

Transform fear into courage & the energy to create a life beyond your dreams.


Join me and others in shifting of our collective awareness to the expanded reality, beauty and magnificence of humanity's True Self.  


Practically speaking, I'm offering training and experiences so you can help yourself and others (whether professionally or personally) get free of the lingering effects of trauma, defensiveness, stress reactions, and limiting habits that continue the experience of fear and separation and dull the light of our beings. 


My mission is to aid this transformation through sharing heart-centered skills, knowledge and insight for releasing fears, beliefs & patterns that keep people feeling small, insignificant and wounded, dulling their inner radiance and empowerment (stemming from painful pasts and sociopolitical ills), AND expanding people's awareness of a much larger reality brimming with more possibility than we knew. 


May we together create a world in which all beings flourish.


Whether you are looking to do your own personal work, or are interested in training to help others do theirs more effectively, or are working in an area in which you are on the front lines with those who have been traumatized in various ways, I'm here to help. 

I am available for: 

Sharing Tools for the Healing Journey

FREA Finding Recovery and Empowerment from Abuse is a non-profit volunteer organization. Their mission is to support, educate and empower people to heal themselves from the effects of sexual abuse.

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