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This is the second meditation in a 3 part series.  Part I is entitled Increasing Inner Freedom: How safe do you feel feeling safe?  In this series I focus on increasing our sense of healing and our capacity to access the quantum field of possibility by going to the very structures that contribute to the limitations that we have learned to impose on ourselves.  The first meditation in the series was more of an invitation to recognize or expand our awareness of what it’s possible to feel.  With this meditation we’re going to focus not so much on the different ways we might experience fear, many of which I listed in the last meditation, we’re going to expand this awareness both of ourselves as beings of light and of the defenses that we maintain thinking we are keeping ourselves safe and protected.  We’re expanding vision and expanding our capacity to envision more as we identify and feel these defenses within and then make the choices to release more of this defensive structure.

Increasing Inner Freedom Part II

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