What are you going to do with your one precious and wild life, today?

Mary Oliver paraphrase

Are you


  • to catapult yourself into radiant aliveness?

  • to do what’s necessary to really thrive emotionally, relationally, energetically and physically?


  • to create the life you were meant to create and contribute to the world your own unique talents and gifts through workshops, retreats, and coaching?


  • to assist your organization, corporation, business to be healthier and happier?


  • to help all members/
    employees to experience their lives, professionally and personally with less stress reaction and greater focused calm?


  • To create emotionally healthy working environments through which the whole entity benefits?


  • to equip your staff with easy and powerful tools to share with clients, students, etc. who because of past or current trauma are sometimes very emotionally reactive during the providing of services to them?

About Holly


Licensed Psychologist, Diplomate in Energy Psychology


HOLLY TIMBERLAKE, Ph.D., is a preeminent holistic, alternative psychotherapist from Northeast Ohio. She practices and teaches internationally, and is on the leading edge of therapists helping clients bridge the gap from deep emotional healing to expanded consciousness. As a trauma therapist, Holly helps people to recognize the power of taking responsibility for their healing and to grow into thriving and being truly alive.



  • In private practice for 20 years

  • Kent State University, Ph.D., 1997

  • Founded the Nakaia Wellness and Whole Life Center

  • Created Tapping into the FieldTM (available on CD and mp3)

  • Member of FREA (Finding Recovery & Empowerment from Abuse)

  • Presenting nationally on healing from trauma & on aspects of optimal & radiant living



Dr. Timberlake’s holistic, energy-based private practice helps adolescents and adults heal:

  • Anxiety / depression

  • Low self-esteem

  • Self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Effects of emotional trauma, abuse and disease


Holly’s clients enjoy increased self-worth and the ability to be in healthy relationships. She helps them open energetically and spiritually to reclaim joy in their lives, and ultimately expand into their own inherent radiant aliveness.



  • Energy Psychology & Medicine methods (EFT and more)

  • EMDR

  • Holographic/shamanic journeying

  • Gestalt, cultural and gendered awareness modalities

  • Dreamwork


Other benefits of therapy:

  • Healthy emotional response to past and present events

  • Installation of positive beliefs

  • Ability to be present

  • High capacity for trust and deep communication in all levels of relationship

  • Increased emotional functioning for spiritual development & growth

  • Sense of purpose and connection to something greater than oneself


Holly facilitates retreats, trainings and consultations for individuals and professional service providers in energetic rebalancing, emotional self-regulation, and processing techniques for quickly reducing unhealthy reactions to stress and trauma, women’s empowerment.


Additional offerings by Dr. Timberlake:

  • Brain (nervous system) & gut health

  • Metabolically aligned eating

  • Treatment of genetic issues that negatively impact mental health functioning (i.e., gluten intolerance and MTHFR-related digestive and assimilation issues)

  • Meditation & heart-centeredness

  • Mindfulness

  • Yoga informed stress management & trauma recovery (with her daughter, Renee Timberlake)

  • Creative expression

  • Being in nature



Dr. Timberlake is currently completing work on Passport to Radiant Aliveness: A Magical, Alchemical Catalyzer for Transformation, a healing and growth journal.


Holly’s interest in higher dimensional relationships is taking form in her next book: The Further Reaches of Human Relationships, which she plans to have completed by the end of 2018.



  • Healing from Developmental and Life Trauma

  • Navigating Stress and Anxiety with Self-regulation Strategies

  • Holistic Healing and Sacred Geometry

  • Women’s Empowerment: Rising with our  Voices

  • The Pineal Gland and the Heart

  • Humanity’s Emergence into the Next Level of Human Development, Homo Luminous

  • The Energy Field and the Nervous System


Holly is avidly interested in nature, beauty, deep and meaningful connections, cosmology, Unified Field Theory, and archeo-astronomy – all that's expanded! She is an independent researcher and writer with a grand vision of contributing to an expanded psychological theory consistent with a Oneness or higher dimensional orientation to life.

Let my heart be a place where the world is healed forever.”

Michael Stillwater


“You have achieved a breakthrough, I believe, in what you have developed.” Tapping Into the Field works to release the barriers within us that served to protect us in the past, but are now no longer needed. Dr. Timberlake guides participants to recognize and rejoice in their total selves, unencumbered by the baggage of the past.  Releasing old patterns and debris makes way for us to embrace our full potential and enables us to be all that we can be.   Tapping Into the Field is a remarkably quick and gentle process for doing so, moving participants quickly through the process in a manner that is both effective and empowering.”

–Jennifer P. Maxwell, PhD., Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

Gail Belludardo, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapist, New Jersey

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