Workshops, Groups & Retreats

Boosting Emotional Immunity/Choosing Peace, Love, Resilience & Courage Groups


I began this weekly online group at the advent of the Covid Pandemic and am continuing it, and will be continuing it as an on-going, yet drop in group (it is also becoming a part of my newly developing membership opportunities). Through a combination of relevant information sharing, grounding & balancing "exercises" (from Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine), tapping and guided meditation, participants come back into greater inner coherence, flow and peace. Please see my bookings for more information.

Catapulting into Radiant Aliveness Retreats


I have offered retreats periodically for quite a number of years. I love doing them and experiencing the warmth of open-hearted community life that they offer to everyone. 

I am hoping to offer more of these again, when it is once again felt safe to do so. And will be doing retreats in partnership with others to bring a deeply nourishing and rejuvenating experience to all those called to join us!