Thymus Thump


When to do it:


Starting to cry and feeling as though you are going to fall apart and are trying to hold it 


Feeling anxiety suddenly

Feeling upset in an argument & wanting to stay more centered 

Feeling stressed in general

Starting to catch a cold, fighting an infection or other challenge, bombarded by negative

      Energies (Donna Eden)


What it helps:


Increases emotional resilience

Calms the nervous system

Reverses the acceleration of anxiety

Boosts immune functioning

Stimulates all energies (Donna Eden)


How to do it:


With either hand in a soft fist, pound lightly to vigorously on the center of the sternum (center of the upper chest). The thymus gland lies directly underneath the sternum and is activated by the percussion. Do this until the wave of reactivity recedes, until some resilience is regained. May take a minute to several. 



Why it works: 


It has been postulated (John Diamond, DC) that as the thymus is the first structure in the body to react to stress and that it does so by shriveling up. It’s functioning can become sluggish and chaotic. Since it is heart of the lymph system, when stimulated, it fills back up and in addition to pumping lymph through the system, it’s activation is linked to emotional resilience. 










© Holly Timberlake, PhD., 2016