My presentations are both dynamic & experiential. I want everyone who attends to feel deeply moved and more energized around doing their soul work professionally and personally. I want them to experience more light and joy as a result of choosing to spend their valuable time with me.


You will leave with simple tools that can have a profound effect on helping you navigate your life with greater joy and ease AND you will have already experienced some of the power of these tools!



I am available to speak at conferences and for organizations and businesses, on a wide variety of interrelated topics including:

Promoting Emotional Healing & Growth


  • · Rapid Stress and Trauma Relief for Children & Adults, Staff,              Students, Clients & Patients

  • · Using Tapping/EFT/Energy Psychology for Optimal                            Well-Being

  • · The Transformative Power of Reversing Negative Beliefs 

  • · Reducing Emotional “Inflammation” for More Vibrant Health

  •   Emotional Healing Tools for Personal and Collective Healing           and Empowerment

  • · Freeing Yourself of the Habit of Fear for Personal and                        Professional Empowerment

  • · Developmental & Collective Trauma and Energy Psychology

  • · Doing the Deep Work: Can't I Just By-Pass the Pain?



Increasing Energy and Vitality


  • · Tools for Catapulting into Radiant Aliveness

  • · Energy & Emotional Well-Being

  • · What Does It Take to Thrive?



Unified Field Theory & Psychology


  • · Optimal Well-Being & Connecting with Global Consciousness

  • · Unified Field Theory & The Evolution of Psychology

  •   Unified Field Theory: What Does It Mean for Me? 

  • · Creating a Conscious World of Coherence, Collaboration                 & Compassion

  • · Getting Free of the Fields of Fear & Control


Available to speak nationally and internationally


“She has an incredible ability to bring the concepts of quantum physics down to the work we do with clients….She transmits the feeling of being in the field so that when I’m with my clients, I really feel myself in the field with them.”