As a speaker/presenter, I bring a dynamic program that is not only informational, but also experiential. I want everyone who leaves one of my presentations to feel deeply moved and (hopefully) more committed to doing their soul work professionally and personally and I want them to experience more light and joy as a result of spending time with me. Everyone always leaves with simple tools that can have a profound effect on their lives. 



I am available to speak at conferences and for organizations and businesses, on a wide variety of interrelated topics including:


Stress and Trauma Recovery



  • Rapid Stress and Trauma Relief  for Staff and Clients, Customers, Students, and Patients

  • Programmed Gender Dynamics and how They Foster Separation and Discord

  • Into Recovery and Freedom: How We Heal from the Effects of Gender Violence within our Personal Lives and in our Communities

  • Emotional Healing Tools for Personal and Collective Healing and Empowerment

  • Freeing Yourself of the Habit of Fear for Personal and Professional Empowerment


Increasing Energy and Vitality


  • Catapulting into Radiant Aliveness

  • 11 Powerful Tools to Advance your own Transformation

  • Increasing Your Energy for a More Vibrant & Beautiful Life 


Energy Psychology and the Frontlines of the New Healing Revolution


Using Journaling to Catalyze Your Transformation


  • Workshops on using my Passport to Well-Being: A Magical, Alchemical Elixir for Transformation, a journal that’s much more than a journal!



Currently offering monthly talks at Walden Inn & Spa, Aurora, Ohio


Available to speak nationally and internationally


“She has an incredible ability to bring the concepts of quantum physics down to the work we do with clients….She transmits the feeling of being in the field so that when I’m with my clients, I really feel myself in the field with them.”

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