Emotional First Aid Cheat Sheet


You want to feel great, confident, strong and emotionally resilient under stress, right?!

But have you ever noticed any of these? 

Your heart is beginning to race; your palms are sweaty, you are suddenly self conscious and flustered; you are ready to explode at someone or something; you can feel anxiety coming on; or you feel yourself getting fuzzy, maybe even a little dizzy. 

Does any of that sound familiar? What happens next often isn't pretty, definitely doesn't feel good, and then often causes a collapse once the intensity of the reaction begins to subside, and you need to build your strength, confidence, calm and resilience back up, yet again. 

It's been an endless cycle and you are SO READY to change it!

Good news!

I've gathered together my best "go to's" for you here!

BREATHE...this is a great 1st step for 1st aid! Conscious breathing has sudden and powerfully centering & relaxing effects

TAP on your STERNUM...right in the center of it, vigorously. This activates the Thymus Gland & is the best immediately effective anxiety releasing act you can take. The wave of emotion/charge will begin to subside and you will be strong. This BOOSTS EMOTIONAL STRENGTH & RESILIENCE!

DROP YOUR JAW. This helps your whole body relax immediately.

REASSURE yourself w/ simple phrases: ex: "It's ok."  "You're going to be ok." " We'll get through this just fine." and repeat and repeat! 

HIGH HEART TAPPING: Place your palms together, then on your sternum. With index & middle fingers at the base of collarbone, tap fingers on one hand, then the other, and alternate until you feel better.


Do these things (choose between The Thymus Thump & High Heart Tapping or do one then the other...and you will get yourself through all tough moments better!

Maybe you can think of ways you can do these things without others knowing what you are doing. But if not...it's just a little sliver of all I can show you to help live with more well-being and radiant resilience!

Here's to a brighter future!