Stone Tower


I am available to help you and/or your organization in the following ways:


1. Emotional First Aid Training: Provide training in emotional regulation and processing skills to help your staff decrease work-life stress and increase productivity, creativity and well-being.

2. Certification: for clinicians & mental health center staff: Integrated Energy Techniques for Trauma Resolution (IETTR). Level I is a 12 hour training.  

3. Certification (IETTR-FA - First Aid): for health and wellness practitioners, teachers, therapists (yoga teachers/ therapists, massotherapists, energy workers, Reiki practitioners, etc.), and for teachers.


4. Trainer, content provider, & organizational coordinator with FREA (Finding Recovery and Empowerment from Abuse).  FREA is a non-profit organization with the mission of helping the world to heal from the effects of trauma (sexual, community, natural disaster, domestic, etc). I am one of the trainers available to provide emotional first aid training to staff of non-profit organizations working with people who have been or are being abused/exploited sexually, physically and psychologically.

5. Therapist Resilience Training: I will be launching this training in the fall. It is being designed to provide practitioners with powerful tools for self care as therapists, something that almost no one is providing for them, and they are going to be additionally dealing with the mental health catastrophes from all the associated aspects of the pandemic, and whatever traumas come to them from the social uprisings for greater justice for all oppressed peoples. Being a therapist has profound effects on a person and their connections with others and experience in life. It's a very demanding career psychologically and we should be doing a much better job of helping to prepare these people who are devoting so much of their life energy to being a healing presence in the world. And, now, in this time of dynamic change, in which we suddenly find ourselves, the need is even greater. 

Organizations I have worked with include: Phoenix Rising Behavioral Health Center, Canton, Ohio; Ragon Chiropractic, Green, Ohio; Dr. Riffat Quadir, (functional medicine), Uniontown, Ohio; Dr. Keith Ungar, Akron, Ohio; and the SUMMA Wellness Center, Akron, Ohio. 


Earlier in my career, I did multicultural training for city employees (Kent, Ohio) and for school systems (Kent, Ohio, University of Wooster, Coshocton Schools, and others), Kent City Library, and was involved in programming for high schools students in conjunction with the Jewish Federation of Cleveland. I also put on a Multicultural Festival yearly as a part of being the Director of the Human Justice & Community Harmony Committee (a block grant committee through HUD). 


When my healing arts center, the Nakaia Wellness & Whole Life Center, was operating (2002 - 2008), we participated in wellness days for companies like Parker-Hannafin. I also held wellness days for a number of years at my center, called the Saturday Smorgasbords, in which the various center practitioners and others would give participants a taste of the effects of their modalities.