Coaching Paths

"To me you are creating a beacon of light for us especially during this time of need.  It's powerful!   I am very grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!" SW



"Absolutely wonderful session tonite. The shift and elevation of energy was palpable and precious. So grateful for you and your gift of healing." MB


"Dear Holly, I was incredibly touched and supported with the group’s active listening and your amazing ability to take what folks share and work with that heartfelt sharing to offer the gift of compassion and healing. My experience was that I felt a release, an acceptance, an embrace of a community of souls. My gratitude." SL


"You are doing a great service." AA


“I’m beyond grateful for this group!”


“Boy! Did I sleep great! That alone made it worth it and it’s not the only thing I got from the group.” SO


"I have done tapping online but this was amazing!" PM

"WOW WOW WOW! Magic!

I really appreciate you hosting these groups weekly.  They have helped me so much!

Many, many, many thanks!" SW

Life either polishes us up or wears us down as the saying goes. Truthfully, we are all living our lives with some combination of both effects of these two dynamics, these two sides of the same coin. How much are you participating in life polishing you up? How much of your energy is directed towards positivity? towards mobilizing yourself to engage in healthy choices and actions?

Or put it this way: how much time and energy do you spend worrying, anxious, upset? do you spend not feeling able to make yourself do things you know would be good for you? How much do you yearn to feel more happiness and aliveness in your life? more sense of purpose and fulfillment?

The design of this coaching is to help you overcome the negative impacts of your past, to reverse beliefs that hold you back from the brightness and the possibilities that can be yours, to strategize & strengthen your healing and growth focus, so you can begin to live more of the life you know  you are meant to live NOW! And keep increasing your capacity to show up for yourself and for your life in ways that are enlivening, satisfying and productive of what you want to manifest.

I've been a trauma therapist (very rewarding, for sure) for a few decades now and all along, have recognized the importance of holistically combining different practices to develop a well being that speaks to all parts of us: our emotions, our physical beings, our attitudes and beliefs, our energy level, motivation, our capacity to relate at all levels (to ourselves, to others, life, and Spirit with transparency, intimacy, healthy boundaries, and presence), and to feel fulfilled in our contributions to life, our ability to act with integrity and compassion. Therapy is not really the right format for helping people to develop the knowledge, skills, and mobilization to attend to creating our lives in these ways.

So, I'm thrilled to be making this transition into a coaching model to finally be able to assist others to go beyond emotional healing to manifesting what I call radiant aliveness, that feeling of being powerfully, delightfully, and dynamically engaged in living a life that comes from inspiration and enthusiasm in which we are making choices that promote our holistic health, that help us heal and grow daily.


I envision a world where people live with Radiant Aliveness, where we are all supported and encouraged to become our true selves, bring forth our gifts from our creative spirits and experience deep fulfillment of our souls' purposes in this lifetime.


And now we need emotional and immunological Resilience in ways we haven't before to help polish us up in this transformative moment to a greater and higher health level of human life and experience.


Now more than ever we all need to be feeling our best and healthiest. Our motivation in the past was more about overcoming our own emotional suffering and physical pain to be better able to show up for ourselves and for those we love and the purposes that drive us.


NOW…we can add to that motivation the compelling need to increase our resilience & fortitude, our equanimity & inner strength and peace. Even in the midst of such social turmoil and evolutionary chaos, we can manifest and build a world based on the qualities we all want: harmony, love, peace, creativity & freedom, as well as the prosocial experiences of truths and justice for all!


We know more than ever that well-being isn’t just about eating well, exercising and meditating…though those are important steps to feeling better in this life, there’s more to it, and how do you put it all together?


I have been involved in holistic and organic living ever since my college days decades ago WAY before it was fashionable, when people still used the phrase “health nut.” As a therapist, my orientation has always been holistic, as well, encouraging clients both to use alternatives to medications and to develop a holistic, wellness life styles.


Over the years, I’ve gathered a vast reservoir of information about how to live our lives in ways that promote increasing health and wellness, even as we age!


My coaching programs are designed to help you put together a weekly practice for self growth and emotional healing designed to boost your experience of overall well-being & aliveness. This is not just about having more energy, it’s about being more focused, balanced and centered, about becoming more intentional and conscious about what you choose to think, feel and do. It leads to greater inner peace, more transparent and enriching connections, more aliveness, creativity and sense of purpose, and more joy.


Designed to help motivate you, offer accountability, help set intentions for changes you want to make. The programs are a combination of Energy Psychology/Medicine, somatic work, yoga, meditation, etc. incorporating strategic planning and personal self-reflection to coordinate your efforts towards greater success in a community of people all likewise engaged.


I have assessment and strategy building tools, accountability and tracking tools, how to protocols for many energy & somatic based exercises. And, perhaps, most importantly, there is me and my 20+ years as an Energy Psychologist and trauma therapist to help guide you through the tangles of emotional and holistic self-healing and growth. What I now, almost intuitively, understand about the human psyche (more cognitive and deep in the more inconscience parts of us & in the functioning of the whole system), relational dynamics & well-being is the wisdom that comes from decades of passion, learning, practice and living. The networks I have built in allied and complimentary practices will add to what we’ll be offering through these groups.


That’s a part of what I’m providing.


The challenging dynamics of these times in terms of political turmoil, societal change, global climate upheaval are only escalating. And yet, we are living in a time when we are becoming increasingly conscious of our actions and the effects of our actions, a time when it has become clearer that we need to take responsibility for our actions, our thoughts,


One of the most powerful quotes I’ve seen in a long while is this (with my own tweaking):  “the degree to which we don’t do our own deep work is the degree to which we become work for others,” or more easily seen: “the degree to which others don’t do their work, becomes work for us.” There is no dearth of examples of this in our personal, as well as in public figures’ lives!


This practice helps you to do your own work, guided & supported by a therapeutically trained coach, to feel safe going inside (where most of us were programmed to both hide in and hide  from) so you can build levels of personal strength and ability to access the energies of the Universe that has evaded you. To learn that we can feel safe within the deep recesses of our locked closets of pain, is one of the most freeing and empowering experiences we can have.

This gives us the power to bring forth the world we want to see we need to improve our capacity to respond to life and to challenges without emotional reactivity, without knee jerk, triggered reactions from past traumas. It is such good news that we now know how to help people transform from unconscious, reactive creatures to self-aware, choiceful, prosocial beings connected to the Whole.


And we don’t need to take our whole lives to do it!


Join me and experience yourself how this process can help you transform yourself and your life!


Where do you want to be in a year? How do you want to be living inside yourself this time next year? How good is your relationship with yourself now? Do you support yourself, soothe yourself when disappointed, help yourself with kindness through challenges and difficulties, trust that you are on your path, so do not need to be critical with yourself? What is it you want to clarify for yourself, to develop, to manifest?


This practice can help get you there. Activate your Radiant Heart now!


I am currently offering this membership group as a soft launch, meaning that the site is in a beta state and still being developed, so there could be changes before I am ready to roll it out more widely into the world. I will be seeking feedback about what works for people, what they want that’s not a part of this, what isn’t working, so I continue to tweak it to create the best possible experience for you I can.

You'll see there are 3 different levels at which you can join: the growth, transformation and visionary paths. Each one is progressively a more in-depth model for your own self-healing and growth intentions. It is also possible to move back and forth between the different levels depending on your time, motivation and need. You could start at the 2nd level and then find that you would like to have some individual time, as well, so you could increase your participation to the 3rd level (also, if you have been a client, you could simply choose to request individual sessions whenever you're ready without having to change plans. If instead, you joined again at the 2nd level, then felt you needed to drop back to the first level, you could do that, as well. is designed to be flexible for you. 


So…JOIN NOW, as a far-seer, for these benefits:


Far-Seers Founders Group:


These prices and status as a visionary group member will only be available until the hard launch of the site, sometime in spring of 2021. Once you are a visionary member you will be locked in at the lower price points & will receive certain benefits not available to others (ex: the opportunity to test new products at no or a lower cost, specials, thank you’s, first dibs for in person retreats). No matter how prices increase, yours will remain at this same price for the lifetime of your membership (if you cancel then rejoin, you would rejoin at the rate at that time).




The first 10 people to sign up for the second level (Radiant Aliveness 2) and maintain their membership for at least 3 months, will receive a free one hour session with me on a topic of their choosing.


The first 10 people to sign up for the third level (Radiant Aliveness 3) will receive a Radiant Aliveness gift pack (including a selection of my favorite essential oil aura sprays, blends & more) as well as the free one hour session on a topic/focus of their choosing.


Radiant Aliveness 1:

Growth Path


Includes at $77/month (visionary group pricing):

  • Weekly Boosting Emotional Resilience & Aliveness practices + recordings ($200 value)

  • Over 20 topic specific tapping meditations & growing ($100+ value)

  • On line content of videos, protocols, maps, assessments, and intention setting worksheets (untold value!)

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Total Value: $300+/month


Designed for those who are perhaps just starting out on their own self-healing journey, who already have strategies in place, coaches to help guide them, or who want to take smaller steps into the expansion of their own healing and growth journeys.


It provides the essentials for this practice: access to the weekly sessions & online content (both video and written) of how to’s for meditation, tapping and the energy exercises. Assessments and worksheets that can help you begin to strategize your own path and additional “Tapping into the Field™ tapping meditations are also included. These are about 40 minute sessions focused on various topics such as creativity, anxiety release, living with passion, releasing insecurities, healing our bodies, increasing inner freedom, etc.


The weekly sessions combine meditation, breathwork, spiritual/energetic activation/alignment, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology tools.

    Session 1: Breathwork, Energy Exercises & Meditation

    Session 2 & 3: Reversing Limiting Beliefs Process (see below for more information on this   


    Session 4: Tapping focused on specific unhealed experiences from the past


This integrated practice is unique in the way it combines elements usually offered individually to provide a synergistic enhancement of each of the elements. This combination of practices that each help in different ways, results in greater boosting of your energetic foundation, resilience, emotional/mental/spiritual balance and clarity, and an increase in physical health, stamina and immune functioning.


The tapping portion of the sessions helps you to shed the stresses and worries of the week, to dig a little deeper into old memories of emotional (and physical) pain for release, and to reverse the limiting, negative beliefs that drive, at a mostly unconscious level, your behavior. All of these charges/disturbances/upsets/blocks sabotage your well-being and, importantly, your ability to mobilize yourself to act in your own best interest and for your highest good.  


Doing this practice works to free you of energy patterns that have contributed to on going emotional pain and life discouragement.



Radiant Aliveness 2:

Transformation Path


Includes at $147/month (visionary group pricing):

  • Everything in Radiant Aliveness I! ($300+ value)


  • Live, interactive monthly (1 ½ hr.) Group Coaching session + recordings & materials ($100 value)

  • Quarterly webinar series on relevant topics & resources

  • Total value: $500/month


In the group coaching, I'll be helping you to strategize/craft/create your focus/steps for the coming month, to answer questions about places you feel stuck, uncertainty about what to focus one, and the tools and resources that will help you manifest your intentions. 

The quarterly webinar series will share a combination of topics and resources relevant to developing greater resilience and radiance in your life. Over the decades, I've gathered a vast web of holistic wisdom, suggestions, and possibilities. I'm continually looking into emergent technologies, tools, perspectives and understandings oriented towards evolutionary oor transformative growth. 

There is a synergy, a potentiation that happens when we bring 2 or more tools together, when we consider ourselves from a holistic perspective and apply holistic, integrated actions to blossoming our well-being from within. 

Radiant Aliveness 3:

Visionary Path


Includes at $377/month (visionary group pricing):

  • All content from Radiant Aliveness Plans 1 & 2! ($500 value)


  • Monthly 1 ½ hr. individual coaching session ($450 value)

  • Accountability tracking ($75 value)

  • Total value: $975+/month

This individual session can be used however it best suits your needs that month. It can include reviewing & celebrating successes of the past month, tapping on stuck places, supporting you in some deeper work that you'd rather not do along, helping you to strategize your self loving care plan for the month or a combination of all 4 of these.


* Limiting Belief Reversal Work is an Energy Psychology based practice that quickly and amazingly reverses a belief from it's negative or sabotaging aspect, ex: "I'm not good enough." to it's positive or supportive aspect, ex: "I am more than sufficient for all that I want to do, be and have." Having taken the driving energy out of a sabotaging belief, it is easier to release remaining stuckness in related past experiences and to really free yourself up to engage in more balanced, supportive behaviors and patterns (to get out of your own way.


There's flexibility designed into these paths. You can move between them, choosing the visionary path when wanting some additional contact and support. Know also that it is possible as long as I have space, to schedule additional coaching sessions, if needed, with me.


Accountability tracking involves weekly sharing of your efforts with myself or one of my coaches (or should I say you...if you are willing to do this...this makes me think that we  haven't added into these paths any involvement for  you want to do a piece of this?)


Here’s the link to Boosting Your Radiant Aliveness now!


Here’s to you transforming your life!