"Fit. Strong. Women over 50:"* a conversation about decreasing stress & living youthfully as we age.

Listen in on this recent conversation with Chris Brown and Jill McClaussen of BecomingElli.com. They loved it; I loved it, and you might too! There were funny moments and profound moments. Chris and Jill ask great questions. Their podcasts have an international following and it's obvious how much they delight they take in sharing their tips for becoming powerful older women.

They take the name of their work from the Norse God Elli. Have you ever heard of her? I hadn't, but I'm very glad to have made her acquaintance! Here is a description from their site: "Elli, the Norse Goddess of “old age”, was underestimated by Thor in a wrestling match.  Much to his surprise and chagrin. Thor wrestled Elli on a dare and lost the contest. That’s about the extent of our knowledge of Elli and nobody seems to be making a super-hero movie about her. But we’re inspired by Elli and we think we can become like her: surprisingly strong as we age."

"Holly explains how tapping helps to release stress and bring down the effects of trauma, to allow people to move through life in a calmer, more enlivened way. The conversation also included the value of yoga and meditation, the joys of working with her adult daughter, and eating for your metabolic type."

Chris Brown and Jill McClaussen


* the by-line from their site

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