Feeling Drained & Unable to Motivate Yourself? Here's some of why:

May you be feeling sparks of love, hope & joy inside NOW.

Many people are having a hard time motivating themselves these days. I hear that people are plastering in front of TV's and computer screens vegging out, are overeating, eating more sugar, feeling tired, drained. They aren't exercising at home despite all the wonderful online opportunities for physical and emotional self care, aren't meditating...you get the picture.

This results from tamping down the distress, the fear/worry, the loneliness, from trying to use old coping strategies to get by, to make it, to survive emotionally and not consciously aware of how much energy it takes to keep tamping it all down.

This tamping down affects our immune systems & our nervous systems. In addition to a lack of energy and motivation, it can also manifest as skin issues, digestive issues, shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, pain, and short-temperedness, etc..

Overwhelmed stress systems switch to autopilot, to shut down, and more tranced out behavior. This nervous system stress state conserves energy for life support, so there's not enough energy available to be present with more aliveness.

While there are things we can do to lift out of this...and you know...I'd rather have everyone tapping out the effects, rather than tamping them down...it's a great time to practice forgiveness (of self & others), let yourself off the hook, and remember that you/they are doing the best that you/they can in this tough moment.

Radical acceptance and forgiveness for not being perfect, for not being enough, not being/doing better. Ease up. Let go of guilt for not doing more...and you'll have more energy to feel more alive. When we feel more alive...we engage more with life.

I'm not doing a video this morning. If you'd like to tap with me, there are 5 of them up and anyone of them is going to help you feel lighter, more energized & more relaxed, all of which lead to feeling more peace, resilience, love and courage. So just scroll through my feed here to find one. Each one is prefaced with ways this Covid life is negatively impacting your well being.

Or you could join us next Tuesday evening at 7:00 EDT.

Sending love, strength & joy!

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