Healing Our Relationship with Our Bodies

Originally posted on TodaysTapping on AUGUST 4, 2010

Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

We were opening more to the miracle that our bodies are in a previous post, to our bodies as temples for our souls and spirits. We opened to the miraculousness inside that lies waiting for us to spring to life with our gaze, our touch, our love, and we took the brave step of letting go of some of the resistance that dims our Light and our world…

In our bodies, in this moment, there live the seed impulses of the change and spiritual growth we seek, and to awaken them we must bring our awareness into the body, into the here and now.

Pat Ogden

As we continue on this path of increasing our capacity for presence and for love, for loving what is, through healing our relationships with our bodies, today I invite you to again return to this process of healing your relationship with your own temple…

What parts of your body temple have you have had a more difficult relationship with? How did some of these relationships begin? Judgments, fears, traumas? See how all these tools of disconnection have disturbed your holiness, your experience of your own holiness and contributed to your falling from wholeness…

What part of your body would like to heal your relationship to, today?

Dialoguing with this part.

What does it have to say to you? About how it feels about how you feel about it? What is it like for it to be rejected by you?

What are the feelings that you experience about this part of you? And how does this contribute to the lack of wholeness within you?

Tap out the feelings and sensations that arise. Feel the difference inside from this release, the increase in light, in brightness, in love. Move or dance with loving attention to all of your body, to this part of your body with which you are healing your relationship. Moving resets new patterns; helps accentuate the healing that you have done.

What else can you do today to reclaim this part of you, to gather it back to you in love, with tenderness, deep compassion, with great big arms to wrap and envelop it?

With hopes for a more delighted you!


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