Experiencing Presence through Loving our Bodies

Originally posted on TodaysTapping in 2010

Sorry for the odd choice of image, in a way of stone bodies for this post, because we want our experience of our bodies to be anything but a feeling of rigidity, but I have always loved the Erechtheum and these beautiful, full-bodied women who grace it’s perimeter, facing the world, being in the world, while the temple lies inside…

We are conscious, little, I suspect, of how much our relationship with our bodies interferes with our capacity to be present in the world, present to others, whether stranger or intimate, loved one. Certainly, we can THINK about this interference and know that it is there, but as with everything else, it is ONLY when we remove the limitations, the fears, & the blocks that we KNOW what we have missed.

What does it mean to you that your body is a temple? Will you give yourself even a few moments to consider the implications? What is it you truly want in your life and how might your relationship with your body be holding you back from receiving this? It’s not your body, whatever shape it manifests, it is how you feel about it, about the physical you that makes all the difference in the world!

Surely, you have seen larger women, for example, who are full of life, of vitality; who have a spark about them that draws people to them. It is always the spark, always the capacity for presence that is the source of attraction–whether that attraction be love, or success, or any flavor of abundance.

Life will be so much richer on the other side of your self judgments, that you can hardly know now how wondrous life can be.

Wishing you all more sparkle in your eyes!


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